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YouTube mulling to introduce two ads back-to-back

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YouTube is currently testing joining the two skippable ads back to back which will enhance the user experience on the platform the company said.

You must have come across several interruptions while watching a long video on YouTube and have to skip the ad several times during this. The good news is YouTube is considering enhancing the user experience by joining the two ads back-to-back which means less interruption, fewer breaks during a video.

For instance, in a video, if you used to get 10 ads breaks during a video now it will be reduced to 6 ad breaks 40% fewer ad interruptions in a video, the company said in a post on Tuesday.

However, the new tweak would let YouTube make more money by joining two ads back to back, in the above example if YouTube joins two ads in 6 breaks it would be able to show 12 ads collectively rather than 10 ads in 10 breaks.

The new setting will not only enhance users experience but also has the potential to generate more revenue for YouTube.

The news YouTube ad settings will be rolled out on the desktop first, after that YouTube will expand it to other devices including mobile and TV. YouTube claims that more than 180 million hours of video streaming is now watched on TV screens every day.

YouTube’s earlier added a new feature to the platform which shows “Hollywood Classics” for free, the movies would be filled with advertisements to make some extra income for the company.