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YouTube Music adds radio feature to its home page

YouTube Music

 Up to 30 artists are featured on the personalized radio stations that YouTube Music established last month.  Google’s music streaming service is ramping up its radio marketing efforts now that Artist radio stations are available on the app’s home page. The purpose is to make artist radios available to everyone who might be interested in them.

A snapshot of the new “Artist Radios” section on YouTube Music’s main page was recently posted by Reddit user cancerkol. These are playlists with bands that you frequently listen to and musicians they have collaborated with, as noted by Android Police, which noticed the Reddit post. When you open a playlist, the standard radio interface appears with a mood-tuning option (chill, discover, etc.). There is a comparable refinement option for recommendations on the home tab of YouTube music.

Artist music stations are now more accessible on YouTube music

The most important factor that can ensure the success of any streaming service.The more people find the type of content they love, the longer they can stay on the platform. This scenario is true for both audio and video platforms. Popular audio platforms like YouTube Music and Spotify are already doing a great job in this area. There are so many options these days. So, every platform is subjected to working in a unique way than the other to keep their customers engaged.

This recent feature of artist radios is being approached differently by both platforms. In Spotify, this feature is available within search results, whereas YouTube music tends to display them right on their home page. This approach from YouTube music provides an easier introduction to the feature. This feature focuses on content moderation based on your mood.

You can gather up all your major listening songs and gather them up as a playlist. Similar to this feature is an option for picking up your favorite artists and genres and gathering them all together to compile your own unique radio station.

The latest amendments are under testing now

It’s not possible for everyone to access the artist radios on the YouTube Music home page. The new feature is now being tested by the corporation with a select set of users. If everything goes according to plan, an upcoming update to the app should make it available to everyone. You can download the most recent version of the app from the Google Play Store by clicking the button below if YouTube Music is your preferred music streaming service.

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