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YouTube Music Will Now Let You Download Tracks Automatically

Google is currently rolling out a new feature for the YouTube Music premium app. There is now an additional button in the download area. If this function is activated, up to 200 titles will be downloaded automatically, giving you a larger offline selection.

YouTube Music: Up to 200 tracks will be downloaded automatically

At least for premium subscribers to the “YouTube Music” application, recently played songs can be turned on or off under the “Smart Downloads” option in the same downloads and storage settings. The feature was announced back in February but didn’t ship until earlier this month, 9to5Google just reported.

Unlike Smart Downloads, which supports up to 500 songs, you can only save 200 tracks of recently played songs. Also, there is no dedicated section or playlist to access those downloaded recently played titles. Presumably, this new feature only works.

At the same time, Google is also changing the way Smart Downloads recommends music to save. If, among other things, you deleted a playlist from Smart Downloads, the function no longer recommends tracks that are in this playlist. And for the “radio”, Google shortens the remixes by reducing lengthy music videos. Allegedly, there are now fewer music videos that are 15 minutes or longer in length.

When viewing the source code of the “YouTube Music” app, references to a “podcast” function also appeared. This is a little surprising since Google already has a podcast app in its portfolio. Is there another typical Google cut? According to rumors, Mountain View will run both applications in parallel. Last but not least, clues were found about a planned sleep timer. So it remains exciting with the premium application.

As Google reports, the recently played songs and the correction of the smart downloads have been transferred to the Android app. It’s unclear when the iOS version for iPhones will receive similar features and changes.

Which music streaming service do you use? Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, or is there still the good old *.mp3 database on your smartphone? Tell us about your listening habits in the comments section. We’re excited.