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YouTube New Update Lets Users To Chat In Private Without Going Through Comments

YouTube reportedly has been working on its private messaging feature on its YouTube App for almost a year. The video streaming giant has now updated the app with video sharing features and private chat which will let users talk about videos in private threads, without going through notorious and trolling comments.

YouTube says the update will make sharing much easier for the app users and have more fun on the phone, with the new feature you will be able to share videos with people in your contacts using a link, the feature supports groups up to 30 people. The shared videos will start playing within messages as well, you can also change text with emojis in chat messages.

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The company has made it available to everyone now and the update is rolling out, the company says, the basic purpose of this update is to make it more social by encouraging users to share ideas, initiate discussions, and share videos within the app.

YouTube messaging would also make people stay longer on the app by starting discussions about the videos, will definitely increase user engagement in YouTube app as well which is ultimately beneficial for the company.

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