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High Tech NAB forensic Science Lab Is Operational Now In Islamabad

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry said on Monday that NAB’s Forensic Science Lab has been made operational aimed at providing the organization with state-of-the-art-technology to cater the emerging needs of the organization in order to combat corruption effectively.

After reviewing the progress of NAB’s Forensic Science Lab, he made these comments to address officers in NAB. He further said a Zero-tolerance policy is adopted by NAB to uproot the corruption from the country and the concept of combined Investigation Team (CIT) has been introduced, officers and prosecution will work together as a team to ensure transparency and unbiased investigations.

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He also commented and gave examples of successful nations and their behaviour towards corruption, he elevated the dire need to uproot the corruption weeds from the country in order to emerge as a successful nation.

He said, media is the most important tool to educate people about corruption and its adverse effects on the country, I am happy to see that media is proactively involved in eradicating corruption by educating people on its causes and effects.

The NAB Forensic Lab in Islamabad is divided in three major sections, digital forensics, Fingerprint forensics and questioned documents.  The lab will be able to retrieve documentation from electronic devices like; mobiles, computers, tablets, networks. The lab would be able to track handwriting, identity, fingerprints and forgeries in documents.

The US embassy has provided NAB with a video spectral comparator a tool to conduct compete for analysis of questioned documents, the tool will help NAB to identify fake documents including travel and identity documents, cheques, banknotes, and official letters, he said.

With the new forensics facility NAB would not only be able to investigate its own cases but also for other investigation agencies, NAB forensic lab is now equipped with latest technology and tools required to investigate a case to its roots, the officers in the labs got their training from abroad and are equipped with latest forensics knowledge and expertise, he added.