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YouTube Starting 40 New Original Shows For Free In 2017-18

YouTube is taking a step ahead and starting original ad-supported programming in 2017-18. This news was announced at the NewFronts conference in New York by the Company Officials. The shows produced on YouTube would be available for the viewers, free of cost. YouTube now wants to appeal premium advertising as well through creating original content.

The entertainers who are already signed up by YouTube include Kevin Hart and TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Hart says that he has remained a devout supporter of social media, and he wants to link himself to YouTube for interacting more with his fans. The show currently hosted by Hart  “Kevin Hart: What the Fit?” would now be shown on YouTube channel. Ellen DeGeneres would show the making of her show and backstage activities on the YouTube Channel. More such backstage shows on YouTube would be shown by Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. Other than TV shows YouTube is also broadcasting the genre of music. Ryan Seacrest the famous TV and radio personality is confirmed to produce a music competition which would be called “Best Cover Ever”.

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40 original shows are expected to be produced by YouTube till next year, incorporating traditional celebrities with internet stars like comedy duo Rhett & Lin. This new start by YouTube would cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Image via: Verge