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YouTube Step Towards Virtual Reality With The Launch Of VR180 Format

Virtual reality is the latest discovery in technology that is exciting and it keeps on getting better. Even 360-degree video has its own charm. There is huge amount of money, time and effort required for VR which is why the technology is not yet fully recognized and established in mainstream.

When it would be ready, you need to watch out for YouTube. YouTube just announced VR180 a format that is created to make 3D content a lot easier to access. LG, Lenovo and Yi would follow suit with their VR180 cameras this winter. The aim is to pave path between 2-D video currently available with future’s 3D content.

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VR180 is not actually VR; it is creating 180-degree video in stereoscopic 3-D. The picture seems so wide that it seems like 3D.

The advantage of VR:

Easy to use, no need to have expertise in editing, or how you need to move your camera for best imagery and videography. No need to move your phone, as the size of video is reaching out to you by itself.

Will people adopt this format by YouTube?

YouTube has enough power and influence to invent and spread VR180. It has collaborated with Adobe to ensure that Premiere, the video editing app can handle VR180. It also hopes that other editors would use this format and enter the world of Virtual Reality.

They are also convincing other big names like LG, Lenovo, and Yi to create new cameras supporting VR180 f0rmat.

The format just gives indication on the power and strong future of VR when it would reach to the masses. True what YouTube has created is less exciting than VR but it is more accessible at the moment.


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