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YouTube Testing New Auto-Play Feature on Homepage—Android

YouTube is reportedly testing its new feature for Android devices, as the title suggests the new feature will Android devices to play videos automatically that are listed on the home page of YouTube app.

You may confuse this feature with previous ones which enable new videos to play automatically when one video ends. But this is an entirely new feature, it is only for videos that appear on the homepage of the mobile app.

The homepage intelligently collects and shuffle videos from the past user data, if you watch too many car related videos your homepage is normally filled with videos featuring cars.

Now the new feature will play videos without sound and let you see subtitles so you know what is actually inside the video. If you stay and keep watching you may watch the whole video till the end but as soon as you scroll up or down it will stop playing the video and the next video which displays and covers the screen will automatically be played and so on.

The feature called “Play as you browse” inspiring by the notion and commonly used phrase in business sales “Pay As You Go”. This feature is only spotted on Android devices by Android Central, you can also disable the feature if it bothers your custom browsing.

You can go to Account>Settings>General and change the settings there they way you want. You may change the settings to only Wi-Fi, it is not confirmed yet when the feature will be rolled out globally, probably depending on the feedback from users, YouTube may start it pushing soon.

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