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YouTube to Remove ‘Violent’ and ‘Mature’ Kid Videos


YouTube has changed its policy of videos that are targeted towards kids and young children. YouTube will remove ‘Violent’ and ‘Mature’ Kid Videos from its platform. So even if the video title or its description or tags hold anything inappropriate or violent for kids, it will be removed.

YouTube has clearly stated the content of this type “will no longer be allowed on the platform.” Earlier YouTube was age-restricting these type of videos, but now one step forward it has decided to completely clean up the platform and make it a neater and safer place for kids.

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The policy was quietly announced on YouTube Help community forum and was not noticed much. But the video-streaming platform has said that it will enforce the policy in the next 30 days so that the creators get familiar with the new rules.

The offending content includes stuff which says family-friendly or “for children” but has disturbing content like “injecting needles.” Also, nursery rhymes that focus on sex, violence, and death themes have been issued warning by YouTube.

Earlier YouTube also decided to get rid of targeted advertisements on videos aimed for kids. It is important that YouTube continues to combat against videos that exploit, manipulate kids and are a danger to the society as a whole.