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YouTube TV viewers will see fewer ads

Nobody will ever say that they like or prefer online ads while using the internet. Ads become more annoying when they are presented while streaming videos or shows on YouTube or other video streaming platforms. Well, the services are available to use for free but with ads. One can choose to subscribe to the premium tiers to enjoy an ad-free experience on the platform. Reportedly, YouTube is all set to limit the number of ads on YouTube TV. Although the change is good and welcome, there is a catch to it.

In order to provide users with a seamless video streaming experience, the platform is testing a new approach for online advertisements on YouTube TV. In September, a few users were presented with fewer but longer ads. Viewers “experienced 29% longer viewing sessions before their next ad break,” according to Google. Google has now revealed that it is bringing this experience to consumers worldwide.

Users will now notice an updated countdown meter in the lower right corner of the screen while accessing the video platform on their TV. This timer will indicate how long it will be before the ad break ends or when you can skip it, rather than how many advertisements are in it.

Well, this was not the only stuff announced by Google. The company unveiled today that ads will soon be introduced to YouTube Shorts on TV. The company states that the experience on TV will be the same as the web and mobile with ads. Users can skip the ads with the help of their TV remotes.

Well, this is quite nice since the total number of ads is going to reduce, which will give users a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience on the platform. However, the thought of introducing ads to YouTube Shorts is a bit uncomfortable.