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YouTuber Crashed plane To Get Views

A YouTuber Named Trever Jacob has done something out of the way that could be demaging for his fame, the YouTuber, made a footage of his plane crash, with views going like a rocket. But now the aviation authority suspects that it could be an intentional “accident”.

Trevor Jacob was able to collect over 1 million views with his most spectacular video to date. According to him, this is how it happened: During a flight with his relatively newly acquired Taylorcraft BL64, which was supposed to take him to a sports event, the engine stopped and would not start again. Fortunately, however, the pilot was carrying a parachute, so he was able to bail out and save himself during the flight. All this is also accurately recorded on video.

However, there are doubts about the account, reports the US magazine The Drive. Various experienced aviators, who are also active on YouTube, have pointed out inconsistencies in recent weeks. For example, Jacob’s account that he always flies with a parachute is quite implausible. After all, the small planes offer very limited space in the cabin, so it is quite uncomfortable to have the appropriate equipment on the back. In earlier videos of the YouTuber is also not seen that he would have strapped a parachute.

Evidence speaks but against the real accident

Added to this is the fact that the camera, of all things, which had the cockpit instruments in view, stopped delivering images shortly before the engine stopped. In addition, it is traceable via tracking platforms that another aircraft owned by Jacob had circled over the crash site a day earlier and was probably exploring it. He had acquired the new aircraft only a few weeks before the video was recorded and had told the previous owner that he intended to do something special with it.

Therefore, the suspicion is obvious that the YouTuber could by no means make a video of how he luckily escaped from a predicament. Rather, there are indications that he intentionally caused the crash in order to collect numerous clicks on YouTube – which, in view of over one million views, can certainly be considered a success. Such an approach is illegal, however, and the aviation supervisory authority has initiated corresponding investigations. Depending on how the experts there assess the situation, the whole story could backfire badly for Jacob.

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