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Opera introduces Crypto Browser Project new browser for cryptocurrencies

Opera update

Opera is one of the popular internet browsers in the market but the market share of the company is not like as Google, Firefox and Edge, however, the company has taken a new innovative path towards in browser journey, Opera is now developing a  new browser. The new browser is being developed under the name “Crypto Browser Project” the browser does not specialized in enhanced security rather it focuses mainly on cryptocurrency technologies.

According to Opera, users can expect an integrated crypto wallet, easy access to various trading platforms for cryptocurrency units and NFTs, support for decentralized apps and much more. The integrated wallet is certainly the core feature here and works with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervos, with Polygon and others are also making their way to the platform.

The interaction with the digital wallet is supposed to be secured in such a way that external applications and websites cannot access it – which is always a problem with the usual browser extensions. This should offer users of such systems somewhat better protection of their assets against attacks from potential thieves.

Opera itself, however, sees the orientation of the browser in a larger perspective: Opera basically want to become a veteren by offering a browser for the Web3 as early as possible. This is a fantasy of some representatives of the crypto scene, who want to work on the third generation of the World-Wide-Web. After the first generation with its web pages, Web 2.0 was famous for stronger social interaction between users, which went beyond the mere distribution of content of the earlier times.

Web3 a web for Blockchains

Web3 is now supposed to ensure maximum decentralization of the web again, after a massive trend toward centralization on the major social media platforms in recent years. Initially, this sounds like an idea worth supporting. However, the proponents of Web3 have in mind to rebuild the WWW on the basis of blockchain technologies.

However, cryptocurrencies already show that such an idea is unlikely to be feasible. Even a small niche application like Bitcoin consumes gigantic resources. It will not help much if Opera wants to switch to more energy-efficient Etherium Layer 2 in the near future, because the basic problem of an exponential growth of the energy demand is rising, so that a web with billions of users can hardly be implemented on this basis.

Other than the new crypto browser Opera should find some interested parties. It is currently available as a beta for Android, Windows and MacOS available, for iOS the browser is likely to come soon.