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10 Exciting Microsoft Store Games

Microsoft Store

When we mention Microsoft, many things come to mind. Worth over $1 Trillion in total revenue, Microsoft is arguably the world’s biggest software company. Bill Gates founded Microsoft on the 4th of April 1975, alongside his childhood friend Paul Allen. Together, they have continued to sail this company to different heights.

Many amazing software products we use today were created by Microsoft. However, they are more popular for their Windows operating system. Today, there are over 1.5 billion active Windows users. Thus, there is a wide demand for mind-blowing innovations and new games on the OS.

As you may already know, thousands of exciting Microsoft store games are available free of charge. Users can always download interesting titles for free whenever they want. In this article, we will take you through 10 interesting game apps that you can find on the Microsoft store.

Forza Street

MS Windows is a leading gaming and world software company, and Forza Street is proof of that. It is one of the best open-world racing games out there today. Aside from being fun to play, this one presents a new feeling to the PC world, as it is a perfect Xbox port.

The Forza series is an Xbox exclusive that brings a whole new aspect of gaming to PC users. As expected, this one is heavy on graphics, so there is some demand regarding the system requirements.

DoubleU Casino – Vegas Style Free Slots

DoubleU Casino is one casino with a simple yet different approach, just like most reputable online casino platforms available today. The professional and experienced players feature DoubleU Casino among other secure online gambling platforms. DoubleU Casino provides wider support, as it is available as an app for iOS, Android, and PC users.

The variety of slots in DoubleU Casino can be compared to the famous Casino Classic NZ, which offers the best and most profitable slots to its customers. This game is already one of the most popular gaming stores and confidently competes with all the famous online casinos.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Released by Gameloft, Iron Blade is one unique RPG one that never fades. This title is an ancient fantasy fighting game set in a dark theme with intense battle graphics. It delivers greatly on all the core features of RPG ones, so it is a legendary release for all the fans. With a rating of 17+, Iron Blade is not suitable for younger gamers. However, it is completely free of charge to download on the MS store.

Governor Of Poker 3

Online casino games are emerging on the internet. One of them is the Governor of Poker 3. GoP3 is arguably the best multiplayer poker game available on the MS store. Here, you must compete in live poker against friends or other users to win real money.

The game uses the RNG (Random Number Generator Software) system to generate unique results for each draw. Thus, the results are as fair as in major casino game slot systems.

Microsoft Mahjong

Indeed, there are hundreds of card games available on the MS store. However, MS Mahjong seems to take a unique approach to the card strategy and word games niche.

All you have to do as a player is match hidden pairs of tiles to unlock special deals and rewards in a modern graphics setting. Also, a user with a Microsoft account can play literally from any device.

MyJackpot-Slots & Casino

There are a lot of free slot games for PC. However, Myjackpot is one online software that brings a whole new feeling. Though mobile-dedicated, Myjackpot is a wonderful slot casino game collection that allows users to bag huge wins with cash deposits and free spins.

With casino slot machines like this, you can choose to enjoy slot game series like Sticky Diamonds, Demi-Gods IV, Fancy Fruits, and a host of other free casino titles.

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Though there are other major eSports titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valiant, and more. Modern Combat 5 still happens to be one of the most authentic eSports games of all time. MC5 is a masterpiece that most players still prefer over more modern battle pastimes released by Gameloft today.

It is available in the MS store, and literally, anyone can download this game for free and start enjoying it. Though not the best, it offers a lot, and it is undoubtedly one of the fun pastimes you can play from the MS store.

Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is one title you need to try if you are a fan of pirate titles. In this game, the goal is to sail through an open sea to carry out pirate actions and missions. Unlike most titles on this list, Sea of Thieves is not free on the MS store. Users have to pay $29-59 for full access.

Jackpot Party

Published by SciPlay and Phantom EFX, Jackpot Party is one of the best Microsoft store slots game titles that made it to our list. Like a few titles on this list, Jackpot Party features a Vegas-style slot with a wide range of in-software titles for users.

Entry to the spin party is free, so users can start playing even before making any deposits. With the Jackpot Party, players can have access to all the latest slots, as well as a host of jackpot rewards.

Virtual City Playground- Building Tycoon

Virtual City could also be your starting point if you intend to become a business mogul. As the name entails, this series aims to create a virtual business empire and manage your profits to become a world-level business tycoon.

While playing, you can purchase properties and decide on how you intend to invest your profits. As a free title, there is a wide fan base for Virtual City on mobile app stores and Microsoft users.


A huge database of awesome apps is available on the MS store. From Microsoft slots casino titles to general action games, RPGs, users can make their choices by opting for literally anything. Moreover, the PC platform constantly receives a high volume of new users. Thus, the demand for these games never ceased. There are over a thousand titles available to play on the Microsoft software hub. However, the ones mentioned here are arguably the best ten.