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16 Android Apps Contain Clicker Malware

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Security researchers from McAfee have reported 16 Android apps to Google that have been equipped with so-called clicker malware. The apps have been downloaded more than 20 million times and may harm users in multiple ways.

This emerges from a report by the online magazine SlashGear. McAfee once again uncovered how scammers cheat their apps into the Google Play Store and make money with it.

Users are now asked to uninstall the apps (we have attached the list of apps at the end of the post). Google reacted quickly after the report and removed the apps from the store. If you have installed one of the apps, you have to do it yourself.

Could Cost More To Affected

McAfee has found that the apps primarily serve to earn money for the people behind them through click fraud. However, this also harms smartphone users, because the apps use data volume and, under certain circumstances, consume an unusually large amount of battery power because they are constantly operating in the background. This can also be expensive for users without a flat rate. They can also have backdoors that cybercriminals can use to gain access to sensitive data.

The apps are designed to look like utilities. Among them are applications for flashlights, QR code readers, unit converters, task managers, and more. While clicker malware isn’t as dangerous to users as malware that steals passwords or banking information, it does cause problems. 

To avoid detection, the malware delays the onset of malicious activity and then detects whether the device is actively being used or not, allowing background activity for some apps to only occur when the device is not otherwise being used.

List of affected apps

  • Cozy Camera
  • Smart Task Manager
  • FlashPlus
  • Memo Calendar
  • WordBook
  • BusanBus
  • candle protest
  • QuickNote
  • Smart Currency Converter
  • barcode
  • Ezdica
  • instapp
  • tingboard
  • Flashlite
  • calculation
  • ImageVault