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Make Money from these Online Business Ideas for Graphic Artists

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists

Do you have those strong graphic skills which nobody wants? Luckily, we have this internet pal who’s always here to help us finding the right profession. Here are 10 online business ideas for graphic artists, helping you an online entrepreneur.

Find that entrepreneur with you.

Graphic Designing

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - Graphic Designing

Let’s start with the very first thing that comes to our mind when talking graphic.

Graphic designers are visual artists playing with images of all types. If you know how to use the most wildly graphic suite, you’d be the next star.

Adobe presents the best image manipulating and creation tools. If you already know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, you can start offering your services as an online graphic designer.

With a good grip on this tool and an esthetic sense, you’d offer your graphic designing services to website owners, newspapers and magazines, advertising agencies, and more.

According to a research, around one-third of graphic designers make their living by working as freelancers. If you don’t know where to start your online business, get your guidelines from AIGA.

Comic Book Designing

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - Comic Designing

While children love cartoons, comics give them a blend of reading and entertaining. And if you have a teacher within you, you’d even create an educative material from comics.

I’m a deep fond of Adobe Suite, so I’d recommend mastering Adobe Illustrator. It is easy to create comic characters using this software. And once done, you might have to switch on to Adobe Photoshop.

And if you don’t want to focus just on toddlers, even the grownups love to follow comics. A website or a blog is all you need to share your work. Once you have an attention, you’d even also start selling your comic books.

And with an online presence, you’d also get a chance to get hired as a comic designing agent by some newspaper or magazine.

3D Artist

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - 3D Designing

This online business idea is up on the rise. Graphic artists are summoned up from all over the globe by cartoon producing companies, advertising agencies, and other online service providers.

A 3D artist is usually required to have good skills with Maya and 3D studio Max with other Adobe graphic software.

Big names like Pixar and Disney are always in the hunt to hire top notch 3D artists. And once you have a name like this in your portfolio, you’d imagine the outcomes you’d gain.

Other than these two companies, game developing companies are also on the urge to recruit 3d modelers.


Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - Animation

An animator can’t be forgotten when we talk of a 3D artist. Although, many companies would require you to possess both the skills of an animator and 3D modeler. But companies with big budgets and a good understanding of these two skills will keep the two jobs separate.

To become an online business owner offering animation services, you would need all the skills as described above in the 3D artist’s section.

Web Designing

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - Web Designing

Since the innovation of the term online business ideas, the IT companies are making huge bucks. So why not you?

If you have the skills of a website designer, you’d develop your own website offering services as a web designer. The best way is to offer a mix of web services like website development, designing, mobile app development, and social media marketing services.

Users prefer to get all the web-related services from a single platform. It would be hard for them to find a reliable source for each type of the job. Also, this would be costing job for them to hire separate services.

Other than the graphic designing software, you’d be required to master CSS and HTML.

Video Editing

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - Video Editing

Software like Adobe Suite isn’t easy to use for everyone. (A) They’re complicated (B) They need to have a creative sense.

If you have both of these, you just need spread the word.

Even film editors could hire your services if you have that expertise as required by them. Better yet, find online business ideas which are always on the go. Be friends with video makers like wedding videographers, music producers, corporate trainers, and online news channels.

Silk Screening

Online Business Ideas For Graphic Artists - Silk Screening

I guess this is the best online business ideas for the graphic artists. You don’t have to sew a t-shirt not you need to work in a garment’s factory. You only need some creative sense, a good (even an intermediate leveler) Adobe Suite user, and an online presence. This is one of the easiest ways to earn some good money.

Which Online Business Ideas for Graphic Artists Define You?

You might be wondering that most of these ideas circulate around Adobe Suite. And you’d jump in all of these online business ideas at once. But my fellow graphic artist, you need to be a good businessperson as well. Trying to do everything will turn you nothing.

Be wise and choose one or two types of these online business ideas.

If you have some unique idea for graphic artists, please do share it with us. We would love to learn from you.

Learn about some online entrepreneurs before you dive in.


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