3 ways to increase your landing page conversions

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You have probably heard millions of times that a landing page is a mighty tool for conversions and your business should never go without it. Does yours provide you with a much greater number of conversions, the results are quite satisfactory or rather not very impressive?

Since a landing page is supposed to work miracles for your conversions you do have high hopes and won’t just settle for an average landing page that from time to time give you an extra follower. You want a state-of-the-art one that will attract more traffic to your website and boost the number of subscribers. Because why your landing page should not be as effective as those from all the entrepreneur success stories you have been reading?

Truth be told – your business does deserve a highly convertible landing page. It is not a whim of yours but something you should have. And most importantly – something you are able to bring to life. Do you think you have tried everything to make your landing page template perfect? Do you think you have included all the necessary elements and implemented the most effective tactics? Well, let’s check and look at three ways to increase your landing page conversions. 

Take care of SEO

Taking care of SEO sounds trivial but yet a lot of online entrepreneurs treat it like an unwanted task which will solve itself sometime someday. Well, this is a pipe dream. In the online business world, nothing ever solves itself without any trigger. And when it comes to SEO – it is one of the most crucial features of your landing page.

You should make sure that your landing page has its own unique title tag and Meta description. They both will make it stand out from the multitude of similar websites. The most precious tags should always be placed in the headlines as the headlines are the phrases that Google perceives as the most important and drive traffic to your landing page based on them in the first place.

Add a value-adding popup

Usually, pop-ups are associated with aggressive in-your-face advertising but those should never appear on your landing page as their unique function seems to be destroying businesses. However, a value-adding popup is a completely different story and if you add incorporate it properly on your landing page it can significantly boost your conversions.

However, in order to increase conversions popup has to offer something special for your target audience. It can be a free coupon, an e-book, a video-clip or anything else that will be appealing for your potential customers. If you offer them something for free you can be sure they will be more prone to subscribe. So now choose a decent popup maker which you can find loads online and create your own.  

Add testimonials

It is proven that customers trust more those brands which have positive reviews and feedback from past customers. Just think of any time you wanted to purchase something. I bet you have checked the people’s opinions before you make a final choice.

Adding testimonials on your landing page will inspire trust among your visitors. Not only will they be more prone to subscribe but also to buy your product or service right away. Since testimonials work a way more effective than dozens of benefits written by you, you should definitely use them to boost your conversions.

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