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5 Important Business Blogging Statistics You Should Know

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Blogging has become something every important to maintain the reputation of your online business. Business blogging statistics confirm the need of blogging and accept its impact for the customers. Knowing the statistics of your blog is essential as it helps you to keep focus on your goals and make amendments in the marketing strategy. Moreover, the knowledge of these statistics lets you find out the most appropriate way of writing and timing for publishing the content. The article will mention the 5 important business blogging statistics that every blogger should know as they have  immense potential to raise the success graph and guide the blogger.

1. 80% New Visits

The reports confirm that blogs get 80% of new traffic daily. The statistics can be improved more by optimizing the blogs and continuous sharing on social media. When you get to know from where the traffic is coming which assists you in promotion methods. The percentage of traffic coming from direct and referring sources is very helpful. For engaging the present audience and grabbing the attention of new customers.

2. 67% More Leads

Visitors read blogs to get the answers to their questions. If a blog is relevant, specifically describes the features of the product and precisely defines the aim of the company then the chances of getting leads are immensely higher even when your blog posts are older. The business websites with blog easily attain 67% more leads than those have no blog section.

3. 97% More Links

The websites with blogs are considered as the credible and reliable source of information. And many other websites share their links for the customers. Google ranks your website higher on each sharing and you will automatically get more traffic through the shared links. Links sharing also boosts up your business relationships with other companies and they become a source of traffic for you as well.

4. 13% More ROI

Effective blog promises you for more traffic that is a sign of high return on investment. Blogging doesn’t disappoint you and improves the ROI up to 13%. Only a blog can prove a better alternative of marketing team and lets you save the cost of marketing services.

5. Generous Thursdays

Thursday is like a lucky day for bloggers as they get maximum traffic at that day. The reason behind this generosity is the fact that people consider Thursday the best day for planning and buying things online. They don’t want to waste their weekends and make all plans on Thursday. The bloggers should grab this opportunity and post their important blogs on Thursday with catchy titles and interesting featured image.

So why you should blog

Running a successful business isn’t a child’s play. It requires immense attention, investment, and smart marketing strategy. Blogging is the most effecient and cost-effective way of marketing that also requires minimum time and efforts, but gives you splendid results and high ranking. The knowledge of blogging statistics is beneficial for you any way, whether you are getting positive or negative results. As positive results blow a new spirit of work in you while the negative results help you in making smart strategy for your blog.

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