500 Million LinkedIn Users Data Goes On Sale

It almost seems like it should be made clear that not only Facebook’s data collection is a problem in itself. A database is currently for sale that contains information on 500 million users and that comes from a Microsoft subsidiary LinkedIn.

According to a report by CyberNews, 2 million data records from Microsoft’s business network LinkedIn have been made available in a relevant underground forum. According to the providers, the collection is only a sample. The actual sales offer behind it, therefore, comprises around 500 million data records of the same size.

The information contained here includes the names of the users, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, data about the workplace and much more. According to the offer, interested parties can get full access to the data collection for a four-digit sum that would have to be paid in Bitcoin. Tests have shown that the data comes from LinkedIn, but it is unclear how up-to-date the data is.

The basis for further attacks

However, depending on the needs of a buyer, this is relatively irrelevant. For most users, phone numbers change very rarely, and email addresses and jobs often stay the same for many years. The information contained could still be used on a larger scale, for example, to initiate further cases of identity theft.

A statement from those responsible at LinkedIn is not yet available. You probably only found out about the problem through CyberNews and first have to check how exactly the data collection came about. The collection is similar to the one with data from Facebook users dined and known at the weekend but was noticeable. So there is a possibility that the same perpetrators were at work here and that they were using similar methods.

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