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5G Services Would Soon Be Launched by The Govt. For Public

Ahsan Iqbal—Interior Minister on Tuesday, informed that the government would soon be introducing the 5-G mobile broadband technology for commercial usage.

During a seminar on the “CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) Business opportunities”, Mr. Iqbal said that the government is keen on launching the technology-equipped development throughout the nation. The seminar was organized by the Federal Ministry of Planning and Development.

He further added that the CPEC project itself is abiding with the aim of technology-induced development. He also said that 5-G technology would very soon be voluntarily available to the public.

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Mr. Iqbal—who is also the Planning Minister said that CPEC is a huge project and added that the political solidity and the continuity of policies would very soon transform Pakistan into a global center of commercial, financial and economic activities.

Conversing about Gwadar, the Interior Minister added that the importance of the world-class seaport cannot be ignored as it as a significant part of CPEC that would help connect various regions and would contribute in the development of complete Asia.

He added that this no assumption but fact that by 2050, Asia would be contributing fifty-two percent of the world’s GDP.

Restating that poverty mitigation is among the top most preferences of the government, he said that a detailed strategy has also been devised for providing best employment opportunities for the people via giving sufficient attention on the agricultural growth, services sector, and industrialization.

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