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6 Changes You Can Make to Increase Business Efficiency

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The world seems to move quickly, but all too often, businesses struggle to keep up with the speedy pace. Processes can take a long time, especially in a business bogged down by bureaucracy. Fortunately, you can make your business more efficient and productive to improve your bottom line. 

Streamline trademark processes

Protecting your business’s unique products and services can take time and slow your business. Your team can speed up the trademark process by working with trademark specialists (https://www.dennemeyer.com/trademark-protection/trademark-renewals/). They get the job done efficiently, so you don’t waste time worrying about who is going to use and abuse your brand’s identity. 

Embrace automation

The most efficient businesses have embraced automation to speed up tedious tasks. When you automate tedious office tasks, you open opportunities for your employees to spend time doing thoughtful tasks that computers cannot do. 

When you decide to automate, you’ll see an upfront expense, but you’ll quickly recuperate it when your employees no longer spend hours on tasks that do not improve the bottom line. Some easy office tasks to automate include payroll, calendar reminders, and employee screening. Once you start using these tools, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. 

Turn to single tasks

The human mind can only focus on one task at a time. When employees try to multitask, they slow their progress. Each time they switch tasks, they have to pause and acclimate themselves to the new task. While working on one task, employees have one thing to focus on, so they can complete the task without interruption. 

After they’ve finished the single task, they can begin working on the next one. Your employees will feel less stress as they see their progress making them less likely to set the project aside while they tackle others. 

Discourage emails and texts

Employees get more done when they talk face-to-face with each other. Emails and texts seem faster, but writing about a task takes longer than talking about it. Communicating face-to-face allows people to ask and answer questions immediately, and they have the single focus of chatting together. 

Your company can still use emails and texts, but they’ll get more done when they communicate face-to-face in the office or via a tool like Zoom or Google Chat

Schedule meetings on one day

The most efficient meetings are short, around 10 minutes. If you need to have meetings, try holding them all on a single day so your employees aren’t distracted by all the transitions. Then, let them work on their projects the other days of the week. 

Reduce constant interruptions

Your employees are losing productivity and efficiency by having to manage interruptions. Consider how often they are interrupted by “got a minute” meetings and regular emails. Try limiting your emails by only sending what is needed, and consider holding 10-minute morning meetings to remove the “got a minute” interruptions. 

Wrap up

Constant interruptions and unplanned events can slow business efficiency. Give your employees time to work and single tasks to focus on so they can improve your business’s bottom line.

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