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7 Tips for Modern Marketing Teams


Marketing is essential in 2022. There are so many similar companies that need to find what makes them different from all the rest. In addition, customers should also know why to choose your company over others. That is why the marketing department is definitely one of the key parts of business success.

However, the market is challenging now. Customers are becoming demanding; they don’t want marketers to just say, “buy it because we are the best”. Clients need more than just an appealing picture; they need a story, something that will make them believe why choosing your company is the best choice for them.

As a result, there are so many market strategies, advice, and recommendations that it could become impossible to find what works for you without wasting the whole budget. These teams are usually overloaded with tasks, responsibilities, questions that need to be solved, and tools available for them, making it hard to find useful things, prioritize everything and check on how the budget is wasted.

Below we will show you some most effective tips you can consider to make the work easier, more productive, and more efficient as a result.

Lead With the Customer

No one will be surprised knowing that marketing is only effective when it is built around the customer. However, not every company knows its customers, their behaviors, buying patterns, and what experience they are looking for. Even though how your product looks and works is also essential, you need to make sure that the product also caters to customers’ needs. Do not focus solely on products you develop; instead, focus on customer-centric solutions that build true customer value.

One of the most obvious customer behaviors that stand out in today’s society is that almost everyone relies on their phone – whether it’s to check the morning news, to connect with friends, for work, or for shopping. This means that using a business SMS service is your best bet when it comes to reaching and connecting with customers. If you want to ensure that your messages are being delivered and read, you need to stick with marketing strategies that encourage high levels of engagement and immediacy.

Leading with the customer means you listen and respond to customers’ needs in various business sectors. Luckily, modern marketers have lots of tools and new ways to listen to and store customers’ desires, making it easier for them to benefit from their needs in the long term. Brands that differentiate, explore their customers, know how to keep in contact with them, how to engage them, what they want in advance, and do constant market research have all chances to succeed.

Use Software for Subscriptions

One of the key things all brands should do in 2022 is wisely spending marketing budget. This includes monitoring what works for your company and what’s not to reduce ineffective tools and subscriptions and save money for more valuable things. However, not every company has over 10 people in the marketing department, and it could be hard to monitor all subscriptions. However, there is a great way to delete this question by using a brex business card which can help you monitor your SaaS purchases more effectively and not waste money on things that don’t bring value.

Embrace Modern Branding

As we mentioned, customers’ expectations about brands have intensified. Modern clients look for brands that deliver an excellent customer experience; only there do they see an opportunity for purchase.

While branding is essential, companies with strong branding strategies, especially those that can create emotive connections with customers, have been shown to stay and easily navigate through times of disruption. 

Consider Marketing Technology (MarTech)

It is impossible for modern marketing teams to compete in the challenging market without using marketing technology. And MarTech’s popularity is growing, showing benefits for companies wanting to achieve a higher online presence and effectiveness. For example, researchers found that 68% of CMOs expect MarTech spending to boost next fiscal year after COVID-19. It is a common mistake among companies to procure marketing technology without diving deep into how the technology will be used. 

Grow Inbound Marketing

If you are in the advertising department, you know that marketing includes inbound and outbound marketing. However, inbound marketing has always been underestimated. That is mainly because it doesn’t bring as many leads as inbound can and is usually more difficult to grow. However, recent studies show that leads that get to your site from outbound marketing do not continue to consider you as a place to buy something if inbound marketing is dead.

That is why you should strongly consider growing your inbound marketing team and investing in this part of the business. Inbound marketing pulls clients closer to a brand. This marketing needs a customer’s permission to lead them to the process, making it more difficult for teams to develop it in a proper way. Aside from your excellent outbound marketing performance, a robust inbound marketing method can eliminate the need to rely on list procurement and paid media, reducing advertising costs.

Allow Data to Bring Insights, Focus, and Accountability

Modern marketing technologies allow marketing teams to collect, connect, and analyze insights based on data. Marketing information capability is so essential since it can fuel decision-making across the entire company. In addition to showing new ways for teams to gain more customers and revenue, data can also force focus by spotlighting areas for disinvestment or reprioritization. And this is an especially vital point for marketing campaigns to see how they are growing and how your department wastes money. Marketing can become more accountable by allowing data to bring insights and focus on some things.

Embrace Modern Organizational Design

Modern marketing structure is not about fantasy anymore. Customers now want simplicity and ease of use. That is why creating teams combining analytically oriented team members and creative people is recommended. Effective marketing is now more about accurate specialist roles based on unique skills and experience.

That is why it is always best to blend the team with freelancers if you need them to fill the skill gap, in-house experts who know their roles, agencies with the specific background for your company’s success, and so on. Make sure that the team is vast and everyone knows their role in it to drive the marketing department to success.

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