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80% of Pakistani Users are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

National Response Unit conducted a survey that revealed that 80% of users do install pirated operating systems (OS) from distrustful sources. This means that 80% of Pakistani users are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and 80% of laptops or PCs are prone to a security rupture.

Mobile phones are also at risk of getting hacked. Private messages, mobile contacts, pictures, videos of users can get compromised as a result of malicious activities.

Cyber Security Expert, Suleman Younus said that mobile users unknowingly click on links that promise them food deals or prizes. Most of the time these links are a trap by hackers. They want you to open the link that can allow them to access your laptop/phone/PC.

The expert said, “As soon as the user clicks on the link, mobile phones or any other devices become accessible to hackers. In this way, hackers not only steal mobile data but also blackmail users after gaining access to personal information.”

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He said that Trojans are used by hackers to access your devices. But if users take necessary precautions 70% of the cyber-attacks can be prevented. First of all, if you are using an internet connected device, you must only download apps from known sources like the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Also, do not click on unknown/shady links/websites no matter how attractive they sound. In order to make your microphone and cameras secure, you can download a security-focused app called Cyber Tor.

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