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A latest feature that lets you force themed icons on any app is being tested by Google

If you’ve been using the Android 13 beta program, you’ll be familiar with the Android 13 Beta 2 update, which is now available for Google devices.In the latest update, there are some features that will grab your attention immediately. Despite support for Unicode 15 emojis, there are many other great features.

According to reports, Google is developing a new feature that will allow you to place themed icons on any app, even if it is not supported by Google. The latest icon is provided as a flag called “Enable_Force_Mono_Icon.” The description of this flag is stated as “availability of themed icons in monochromatic tones if unavailable from an app.”

The flag functions as explained in the flag description. The Pixel launcher will be able to customise your app icons to match your home screen wallpaper.The app will be able to customise the icons of applications that are unable to support the feature.

Although this feature is great for someone who likes the concept of symmetry, as it will make the icons similar. As per examples shown by the Google News Telegram channel, we can clearly depict the beauty of this feature working in the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update.

The gray-scale backgrounds of the icons for VK, the Russian Post, and cellular provider MTS make them appear out of place in the sample from the Google News Telegram channel. If Google made this required themed icon from Android 13 QRP2 Beta 2 available in a stable release, app developers would be able to appropriately theme their icons based on this capability. You can apply the forced-theme icons that are included in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 to shortcuts that you add to your home screen.

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