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A New Colour Variant of iPhone X is Expected

iPhone X the most iconic phone known for its advanced features but was unable to capture the attention and likeness of the consumers as was expected by Apple. The sales of the aforementioned iPhone have reportedly been dull, for giving a boost to the sales this in in rumours that Apple is working on a new colour variant of the iPhone X.

The new rumour has been floated from the rumour site Macotakara. The report provides no details regarding the matter it just mentions that for the objective of restoring the sales of iPhone X, Apple is intending to release a new colour. There is no information that which colour would that be.

Presently, the iPhone X is available in two colours Space Grey and Silver. The earlier iPhones have been launched in many colours including Gold, Pitch Black or Rose it could be expected that the new variant of the iPhone X may be of any of these colours.

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As per another rumour, Apple is working on a Red version of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The red bold colour version is a vibrant and eye-catching one after iPhone 7’s launch in the red colour, it has been noted that many Android developers have followed the trend and have introduced Red coloured smartphones.

The iPhone X was indeed the first iPhone in years to release without a gold colour option.

It seems that Apple has finally listened to its users and would be including other colour options in its upcoming launches.

Additionally, there have been a lot of rumours indicating that the future iPhones would be versions of iPhone 11, iPhone 11S and a bigger version of iPhone X—iPhone X Plus. These iPhones are expected to be larger in size but lower in prices.

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