A new “safety feature” will be added to the Google Meet app for Android


Something exciting and new is on its way to the Google Meet app. The source of this information is 9to5Google. They discovered a new feature of the app in the recent APK teardown. Notably, the feature will be introduced to the Google Meet Android app. With this new feature, it appears that the company aims to offer safe conversations while walking. Yes, the new feature is linked to apps used while walking. For this reason, the new feature has been named “On-the-Go“.

What is the On-the-Go feature?

Well, this is a simple feature. As soon as a user starts walking while using the app, the app will notify the user to turn on the On-the-Go feature. In this way, a user can turn off their camera as well as the other participants’ audio stream. However, none of the other participants will be impacted.

In addition to this, several buttons will display with large icons. Thus, a user can easily press the buttons and carry out the desired actions. Well, it is obvious from this update that the main aim behind the new On-the-Go feature is to limit distractions. One thing to notice here is that the smartphone will return to the usual view as soon as its motion sensors determine that you are still.

Google has introduced several useful features to the Google Meet app like the support for 1080p conference calls, noise cancellation, and several others. Besides the new On-the-Go feature, Google has recently introduced the picture-in-picture mode for Chrome. In this way, users can efficiently perform multitasking while being on calls.

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