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A new Tony Hawk skating game is coming in 2020

Tony Hawk

Skateboarding fans have needed to fight with a dry spell of any nice computer games to play depending on their preferred game. The latest Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game wasn’t extraordinary, and EA hasn’t discharged another Skate title in very nearly 10 years. In any case, it looks there’s motivation to be in any event likely hopeful. In a recent interview with the Nine Club podcast, professional skateboarder Jason Dill said another Tony Hawk game is turning out in 2020.

Right now, it’s presumably best not to get too amped up for the arrangement returning. While THPS 5 was an especially terrible game, Tony Hawk-marked games have been conflicting since 2007. You need to return to the establishment’s PlayStation 2-period games to play the series at its best.

In a similar meeting, Dill likewise said EA is chipping away at a mobile port of Skate 3. “So this woman [from Skate series publisher EA] emailed me and said ‘Hey Jason we want to do a mobile version of Skate 3,‘” he told the show. “I wrote back and said, ‘What else?’. She wrote back and said, ‘No, that’s it.'” 

Dill decided not to contribute to the mobile port, for reasons that will likely resonate with some fans. “So I wrote back and said, ‘Look, no big deal, [but] no one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3. Make Skate f*****g 4 already.” Afterwards, Dill says he told EA, “good luck on Need for Speed 29.” Ouch.  


Once more, it’s likely best not to get too amped up for a mobile port of Skate 3. Such a large amount of what made the Skate games convincing were their exact simple controls, a part of the arrangement that possible won’t mean touchscreen gadgets. Simultaneously, perhaps a fruitful re-release prompts future Skate games not far off. Regardless, we’ll likely get familiar with the two titles civility of the up and coming Summer Game Fest.

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