A novel concept from Motorola is a phone that wraps around your wrist

Interestingly, we have a new concept of a smartphone that was presented by Motorola recently. The company showed off the new concept during Lenovo Tech World ’23. The new novel concept refers to a smartphone that can bend around the user’s wrist. In simple words, you can say that it is a hybrid smartphone that acts like a smartwatch or bracelet.

Motorola shares a novel smartphone concept

The most interesting part of this announcement is the fullHD+ pOLED display that can bend into different shapes in accordance with the user’s requirements. The display is the center of attention. Furthermore, the company has included the Android OS in this novel concept. It seems like the concept phone was built just to emphasize the display and its capabilities.

According to the company, the display may be worn on the wrist, used as a standard phone display, or “positioned in several stand modes.” It measures 6.9 inches in size and features a complete Android experience when put straight on a surface. It can perform the same tasks even when bent into a different shape, like a 4.6-inch display. According to the company, it is the same thing as the one experienced with the cover display on the Motorola Razr+.

Something similar was shared by the company in 2016

Well, if we look at the history, Lenovo showcased something similar in 2016. However, the recent concept is, of course, more advanced and sophisticated. One thing to notice here is that the device has a fabric back. Furthermore, it won’t be available for purchase since it is a concept that highlights the features of the display.

We can’t say anything about whether we will have something like this concept on the market or not. It can be worn on a wrist, but still, it is quite strange in the sense that users will actually prefer it. We can expect that the company will come up with a new form factor in the future that will be perfect for the existing situation.

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