A feature found on many Xiaomi phones will be added to the OnePlus 12

We have some interesting news regarding the upcoming OnePlus 12. Yesterday, the three companies OPPO, OnePlus, and BOE launched the BOE X1 display, a new display that will be used with the OnePlus 12. It was something during the announcement session that grabbed our attention.

OnePlus 12 will feature an IR blaster

Well, we can say that the upcoming OnePlus 12 will include an IR blaster that is found on most Xiaomi smartphones. Several pictures of the OnePlus 12, which has the X1 display, were released by Abhishek Yadav. We can only see the phone’s display camera hole since it is neatly concealed inside a case.

The top of the smartphone accompanies a circular cutout that doesn’t look like a microphone. A user commented that it might be a headphone jack. To this comment, Max Jambor replied and said it is an IR blaster and not a headphone jack. Well, this is quite interesting since an IR blaster is not found on OnePlus devices. Previously, the company used it with the OnePlus 11R, and now the OnePlus Open features it.

The OnePlus 11 did not feature an IR blaster

The predecessor to the OnePlus 12 had no IR blaster. Notably, an IR blaster helps users control several appliances, like a TV or an AC in your household. It is dependent on the model. On the other hand, Xiaomi has used this feature on its smartphones for quite a while.

It will be present on the flagship model of OnePlus as well, and it is likely to be compatible with all variants of the handset. There aren’t many external hardware variations between the Chinese and international models of OnePlus. Currently, there are no details about the launch of the OnePlus 12. It might launch in early January, like the OnePlus 11, or perhaps in December 2023.

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