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A state-of-the-art camera by Sony could be featured in iPhone 15

The latest range of iPhone 14 Pro is based on a 48MP main camera. it is for the first time that Apple has integrated such a camera into its smartphone series. In contrast, Android has adopted the 48MP, 50MP, and 64MP shooters for quite a while now. As of now, it appears like Apple has decided to advance its game for camera upgrades. It seems like Apple is planning something big for the future.

As per the report of Nikkei Asia Review Sony is going to supply Apple as well as other OEMs with its recent state-of-the-art image sensor. As per the rumors it is suggested that the sensor could be utilized in the iPhone 15 range. But now the question is how this senor is different compared to others?

As per the news information, it is claimed that the new Sony sensor is capable of doubling the saturation signal level in each pixel. It is quite different compared to conventional camera sensors. Given the conditions of real-world implications, the new sensor could capture more light. Furthermore, it can lessen the under-exposure as well as under-exposure in certain situations. Since Nikkei has quoted an example of the image sensor depicting its ability to capture an object’s face in a powerful backlit scene.

A contest between Android and Sony itself?

Previously, several Android phones will some modern camera capabilities are available in the market. But it looks like the new Sony sensor will offer a higher level of tolerance for intense over/underexposure. The ability of a sensor to capture more light also indicates that the future iPhone could make a substantial step forward concerning low-light photos and videos.

However, it is not clear whether the new camera sensor is a part of the brand-new Lytia sensor brand by Sony or not. Earlier this month, the company revealed the Lytia brand. It mentioned that high-quality photography as well as videography operated by a distinct array of leading-edge technologies would be delivered by Lytia.

Given the current situation, the iPhone camera sensor will likely be presented with tough competition from Sony’s IMX989. The Sony IMX989 offers a huge one-inch size and 50MP resolution. Xiaomi 12S ultra and Vivo X90 Pro series have already utilized the IMX989. It is expected to be incorporated in future Android phones as well in 2023.