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Samsung might enable users to self-repair earbuds and smartwatches in the future

Samsung has documented a new trademark application in the US. The trademark is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is documented for a mobile app termed “Self Repair Assist.” It was first noticed by SamMobile. Where the icon of the app indicates a cogwheel and a wrench with a blue background. The description of the app is as follows; a computer application software for mobile phones. To be used for self-maintenance and self-installation of tablets, smartwatches, mobile phones, and earbuds.

Given the above description, it appears that Samsung may extend the self-repair program for Galaxy watches and earbuds in the near future. As of now, the already offered program is limited to Galaxy Phones and tablets. It includes the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S21 lineup, and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

Given the possibility of Samsung involving more devices in its DIY repair project, it suggests that the company is going to end its partnership with iFixit. Since it will be presented in the form of a standalone application. iFixit is known for providing guidelines for the repair of Samsung devices as well as selling genuine repair parts to Samsung’s customers. Well. In other words, it suggests that from now on users won’t have to rely on iFixit for self-repairing their Samsung devices.

Though, this news is just a speculation as yet. Trademarks are filed by companies all the time. Just a few of them make their way as actual products. Right now we have to adopt the wait-and-watch policy to understand what Samsung is up to given this new application.

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