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A TikTok-style feed featuring music discovery is coming to SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a popular music streaming app with 130 million users. Users can find more than 320 million soundtracks from 40 million creators. The company has improved the app over the past few months to provide a good user experience. Back in May, in order to improve the user engagement on the platform the app received two new features for artists: analytics and the ability to DM fans.

Followed by this in June, a feature named First Fans was rolled out. This feature provides unique exposure to new tracks. As of now, the company has come forward with a new and interesting feature. Reportedly, the new feature is inspired by the TikTok-style feed. SoundCloud will soon receive a TikTok-style vertical feed that will help users discover the music feed. the new feature will be rolled out via an app update.

A 30-second song preview will appear in the vertical scrolling feed. Clicking on the Play button will give users access to the full track. Since March, the company has been experimenting with this AI-powered feature. Initially, the company was testing it with a handful of users on both Android and iOS. As of now, the company has begun rolling out the feature to all users. According to the TechCrunch report, the feature will be available to all users in the next few days.

Users can find the new TikTok-style Discover page next to the Following page. The Discover page is backed by AI technologies that aid users in finding new artists and songs. Back in May, SoundCloud acquired Musiio. This integration helped the company to improve the app’s discovery algorithm. Artists have the ability to crop the specified section of their song and upload it to the Discover feed. However, this is automatically done by Musiio.

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