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A wild rumor suggests that Samsung might restructure its smartphone lineup for next year

Something interesting regarding the smartphone lineup of South Korean tech giant Samsung is surfacing on the internet. As per this rumor, it is speculated that the company might reorganize its smartphone lineup. It could happen that the company shifts towards introducing six foldable smartphones per year. Besides this, the source claims that the company might eliminate the plus model from the S series and rather introduce a new mid-range lineup.

The information is based on a source on Twitter. Well, the information sounds too ambitious. However, it suggests a lot of assumptions regarding the future plans of Samsung Electronics.  Besides all this, the interesting thing to notice here is that the company is going to introduce four additional high-end foldable smartphones. These could include Galaxy Z Flip Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold Ultra, the Galaxy Z Flex (a tri-fold device), and the Galaxy Z Tab (a foldable tablet). And of course the regular Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, Samsung would apparently announce six foldable models next year.

Well, this is not just what the information source claimed. It further goes on and shares some information regarding the panel suppliers. It states that Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold Ultra will be provided with a 4K display. The display will be supplied by Samsung Display.  On the other hand, the Z Fold will display a QHD panel supplied by BOE. Likewise, the Galaxy Z Flip Ultra will apparently be provided with a 2K Samsung display. Where BOE will provide FHD panels for the regular Z Flip model.

New mid-range smartphone series and a reformed S line?

Additionally, the source shared some information about the S line and Samsung’s mid-range portfolio.in particular, the company is intending to limit the number of Galaxy A devices. However, it will go for introducing a new mid-range series, presumably the ‘K’ series. Besides this, a K-based model number was identified in Bluetooth SIG earlier this year. Chances are that it was related to the Galaxy S23 models in disguise instead of the new mid-range phones.

Last but not the least, the information source claims that the company will drop the Plus model from the S series. It could go for introducing a new premium S device in its place. Well, all these rumors are mere assumptions. Nothing could be said until or unless some official source claims it. For now, these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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