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Samsung could manufacture its upcoming foldable phones in India

With every passing day, the U.S. is making some hard efforts to restrict the business of Chinese companies. It is posing several restrictions on the export from China. For this reason, Samsung Electronics is making a shift in its strategy. It is going to choose India as a manufacturing hub for various products. These products could range from smartphones to semiconductors. The company has already produced various low-cost as well as mid-range smartphones in India. However, in the future, the company might increase its dependence on its infrastructure across the Indian subcontinent. A new report indicates that Samsung might consider manufacturing next-gen foldable smartphones in India.

Well, this won’t be surprising at all. Since Samsung has already experimented with the manufacturing of high-end smartphones in India with the Galaxy S23 series. The company declares that Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones sold in India are manufactured locally by Samsung. Furthermore, the company has added some elements to One UI at the Samsung R&D Institute in Noida. Reportedly, the engineers helped introduce several features to the Galaxy S23 series.  

A new report from Business Korea indicates that Samsung might consider making some huge investments in India. These investments will be focused to set up a new manufacturing hub dedicated to its next-gen foldable smartphones. Well, if we go by this assumption then the company could consider the local manufacturing as well as assembly of Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 in India. However, this is uncertain whether the company manufactures all foldable destined for the global market in India or just manufactures and sells them in the local market.

Well, whatever may be the final take, it is certain that the company is looking out for ways to diversify its foldable phone supply chain. Although the U.S. has imposed restrictions on China, some reports indicate that Samsung wishes to add BOE to its list of partners instead of solely depending on its own Display arm. If all these assumptions and reports are true, then Samsung could use BOE display for Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 assembled on-device in India.

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