According to Qualcomm, Sony will continue to produce smartphones for many years to come

The Japanese electronics company Sony is associated with the manufacturing of smartphones for quite some time now. The company is delivering quite interesting smartphones, but it is not selling most of them. Well, this might make anyone wonder if perhaps the company wants to exit the smartphone business. Previously, two other companies i.e., LG and HTC abandoned the smartphone market.

Well, this is reportedly mere speculation. The company will keep working on the manufacturing of Android smartphones for several years to come. Surprisingly, the source of this information is none other than Qualcomm. Qualcomm shared the latest information in a new press release. As per the information, Qualcomm and Sony have extended their partnership for Snapdragon platforms that will be associated with fueling future smartphones.

According to the details, this is a multi-year deal. The deal consists of premium, high-end, and mid-tier devices. Such details make it evident that Sony will continue with its smartphone business. Do notice that the details don’t mention low-end smartphones it indicates that the company won’t enter the highly competitive market segment.

The news release from Qualcomm and Sony indicates that their “joint efforts will focus on ensuring the incorporation of Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced Snapdragon mobile platforms into Sony’s future smartphone lines, offering users with enhanced functioning, higher performance, and more realistic user experiences”.

The head of Sony’s mobile communications business section, Tsutomu Hamaguchi, said Customers have given the Xperia 1 V, Sony’s newest flagship smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, highly positive reviews. Future devices powered by Snapdragon processors will have superior and compelling experiences thanks to our continued collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. In order to create cutting-edge technology that meets and surpasses our customers’ expectations, we constantly listen to them.

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