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Acer Android powered 360 degree cameras unveiled

As new technology develops the penetration of 360-degree videos and cameras is increasing, 360-degree cameras are becoming popular with every passing day, and companies in their capacity are launching 360-degree products in various forms including add-ons, standalone devices, and cameras. Acer is now joining the market with its two new android powered 360-degree cameras.

Both the cameras are LTE enabled one is handheld and the other one is dashboard cam which can be used at other placed as well.

Acer Holo360

The Holo360 is the cam powered by Android 7.1 Nougat and Snapdragon 625 processor. The camera has 3 inches screen which is small though, the camera also doesn’t support voice call connectivity if you think of using it as a phone.

The camera allows you to live stream 360-degree videos, it is equipped with ImmerVision-certified pan amorph optics and sensor, it captures 6.9K stills and 4K video.

Acer Vision360

A bit bulky than the Holo360, the Vision360 has built-in GPS receiver and 4K video is synced with GPS coordination.

Vision360 has some really cool features; the camera is activated automatically when an accident is discovered, the captured video can be stored in secure internal storage also uploaded to cloud storage.

The automatic accident feature triggers when you park your car and leave it alone—when something happens a notification is sent to a registered smartphone and video can be watched directly from the cloud.

Acer Holo360 will be launched in America during November the product is priced at $430 with a water resistant case, while Europe, Asia, and the Middle East would get the product later for 350 euros. Vision360 release date and prices are not confirmed yet.

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