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Adoption Comparison: Windows XP Is More Widespread Than Windows 11

Windows 11 has been on the market for about half a year now, but Windows XP has not been regularly supported since 2014. However, according to a new report, the new operating system has not yet managed to catch up with the legacy system in terms of market share. There are banal reasons for this. But to what extent the figures presented are correct is difficult to verify – and this must be said very clearly in advance. Lansweeper’s claim is interesting, however.

A few months ago, we discovered a report showing how widespread Windows XP was. Although the control system is more than 20 years old, it is still widely used in companies – of course, there is a lot in the peripherals, for example in building technology and system control, for elevators and the like. Windows XP Embedded is often used. In addition, XP is also used in ATMs, ticket machines, and the well-known DHL Packstations.

Economical reasons

For this kind of use, the longevity of the systems was important, but the hardware is usually not so easy to get compatible with the new Windows 10 or 11. Therefore, for economic reasons, XP is still used in many areas. But there are also other outliers: in Armenia, Windows XP’s market share is still huge. According to calculations by StatCounters, the old operating system is still used there on 53.5 percent of all actively used PCs.

surprising numbers

The new Report by Lansweeper has now shown the distribution status of Windows 11 (via Windows Central According to the report, these results were derived from a scan of 10 million PCs, with a mix of 20 percent corporate and 80 percent residential users – again surprising. What is known about the use of XP, the distribution there should look very different. It is therefore not entirely clear whether these numbers can be trusted because too little is known about the way of counting.