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Ads in Windows 11 Explorer were not intended to be published

Much ado about nothing: Microsoft has again disabled the display of ads for Microsoft Notepad in Windows 11’s file explorer. As it stands, the ad should not be delivered externally, i.e. to Windows users – users were upset about the ads. Now it seems that, at least for now, there’s no need to worry about Microsoft Windows users being bombarded again with ad references to various Redmond software products or services. At least that’s what we can gather from the statement from Brandon LeBlanc, who works at Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager for Windows.

The online magazine The Verge had asked Microsoft what the ad serving in Windows 11 Explorer was all about. Previously, users had complained about the ads in Explorer, which they found intrusive (we reported). It’s about a banner some Windows 11 users have recently seen appearing at the top of File Explorer that reads, “With Microsoft Editor’s advanced typing suggestions, write in documents, emails, and on the web with confidence.” For this, a “More information” button was displayed and linked to a Microsoft landing page. According to Microsoft, the display of this ad was in fact an error.

The ad may not be delivered

“It was an experimental banner, not intended for remote release, and was removed,” Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager for Windows, said in a statement. The verge This statement does not exclude the possibility of advertising banners in Explorer in the future. But LeBlanc makes it clear that the ad wasn’t planned, at least not now. Microsoft has been experimenting with very different advertisements in Windows for about a decade. Information about the company’s own products and services has already appeared on the Windows 10 lock screen, in the start menu, and also in the taskbar.