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Afghanistan’s First 4G Internet Service Is Launched By Afghan Wireless Communication Company

Afghan Wireless Communication Company is the pioneer of wireless communication and creator of wireless market in Afghanistan. It offers the best mobile service in the country and is always the first company in Afghanistan to come up with improvement and betterment in the mobile systems. Yet again, the company has achieved another milestone. It has introduced the first ever 4G/LTE communication network in Afghanistan. The fast internet speed through your cellular network is now talk of the town in Afghanistan.

The first city to benefit from this new service by Afghan Wireless Communication Company would be Kabul. AWCC will launch its fast4G/LTE service in Kabul and then further expand it to provinces, cities, companies and individuals.

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This service by AWCC further strengthens the position of Afghan Wireless Communication Company in the country. It also points out the ever-growing dedication and commitment of the company which in the end pays off. Their effort to provide the people of Afghanistan with the fast internet mobile service has been a success.

Mr. Amin Ramin, the Managing Director of Afghan Wireless seemed contend with this new release as he said that it is a moment of pride for us and the nation as the 4G/LTE service is provided to the people. It is developed by an Afghani company for Afghani people which itself is a gratifying achievement.

The company invested $400,000,000 to create the biggest, fastest and most dependable network in the country.  It also proves that Afghanistan can compete in all fields with the world.

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