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After Apple Samsung Also Plans: No More Chargers In The Galaxy Phone Boxes

Samsung Galaxy Box

A few days ago a stir was generated since, according to Kuo, the next iPhone will not be sold with the charger in the box. The news is now welcomed by Samsung, which according to the Korean media ETNews, is realized not to incorporate a charger in their phones.

Despite not having officially communicated with the company, the information that 2020 is the year to start dispensing with the boxed charger is gaining strength, and Samsung may be one of the first companies in Android to join this proposal.

No more chargers in the box of the Samsung Galaxy?

According to ETNews, Samsung is considering dropping the charger from its phone box. They detail that the South Korean company is “discussing with relevant companies how to remove the charger“, a strategy aimed at reducing the costs of the new devices. This does not mean that prices are going to be lowered, but rather it is a way to curb the expense that the arrival of 5G to current terminals is assuming.

The main purpose of eliminating the charger is to lower costs, which are increasing more and more with the implementation of 5G

Thus, Samsung is discussing according to the South Korean media the exclusion of chargers for some models (not for all, in principle). If Samsung proceeds with this movement, we would be facing the best precedent for the Android industry to stop including a charger, something that has been sounding for a while. Confirmed the Samsung Unpacked for August 5, nothing points to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 being able to come without a charger, at the moment. The decision according to the media has not yet been made, so, at least in terms of short-term releases, we can expect a charger in the box of Galaxy devices.

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