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Galaxy A51 And A71 Update Brings More Features

Galaxy A51 update

Samsung has started to rollout a new update for its popular mid-range smartphones Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. The list of new features consists of functions that were previously reserved for the top model Galaxy S20.

Several new camera functions

Samsung now provides a comprehensive update for the two smartphones Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. As the manufacturer reports, camera functions that were previously only available on the flagships of the Galaxy S20 series are among the most important improvements. There are also new opportunities to share content, translate texts, and a more intelligent search function. Two of the new camera features for the A51 and A71 are called Single Take and Night Hyperlapse. As known from the S20, Single Take should make it particularly easy to use the various camera modes according to your own taste. The camera takes a series of pictures in different modes for up to 10 seconds and then lets the user select the most suitable photo.

Night Hyperlapse, on the other hand, is a special video mode with which time-lapse recordings can be made at night. It is also interesting for amateur photographers that the shutter speed and focus can now be adjusted manually in Pro mode of the camera app.

Content sharing is made easy

Other new functions for the A51 and A71, which have nothing to do with the camera, but are already known from the Galaxy S20, are called Quick Share and Music Share. Via Quick Share, users can quickly and easily share pictures, documents or other files with other devices in the vicinity – Apple’s AirDrop sends its regards. Music Share, on the other hand, allows you to play your own music on Bluetooth speakers or headphones in the area with little effort.

Samsung also claims to have improved the search function on the home screen with the current firmware. With customized suggestions, users should have quicker access to apps, contacts, or settings. In the gallery app, up to 100 photos taken in succession can now be automatically grouped to simplify navigation. In addition, the keyboard now offers a translation function that can be activated directly when entering text.

Update rollout has already started

Unfortunately, Samsung does not comment on the availability of the update for the Galaxy A51 or the Galaxy A71 in international markets. As usual with Android devices, depending on the exact location and mobile operator of a user, it may take a shorter or longer time until the update is ready for download.
In any case, it is a good sign for Samsung customers that the manufacturer also brings various software features of its expensive high-end models to the smartphone middle class. The South Koreans have already given the top models of the previous year, the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10, a very similar update.

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