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After LinkedIn Now Yahoo Mulling To Pullout From China

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Yahoo is the next US company to withdraw its services from China – the company has announced. The working conditions have become noticeably more difficult so that the last remaining offers for the People’s Republic will now also be canceled.

Because Yahoo had already made a withdrawal in parts a few years ago. This is reported by the AP news and now refers to an official statement by the company. It says that Yahoo is withdrawing its services from China and justifies this with an “increasingly difficult operating environment”. With this step, Yahoo is the second major American company after Microsoft (LinkedIn) to withdraw from the Chinese market in recent weeks. According to Yahoo, it is the final end From Yahoo, however, the discontinuation of services in China is rather a symbolic step. However, according to the statement, it is also a final decision for Yahoo.

Already six years ago, Yahoo had closed its offices in Beijing, having already discontinued the then-famous Yahoo music streaming services and email service in the early 2010s. Since November 1, it has no longer been possible for Internet users in mainland China to access Yahoo’s services. In addition to the Yahoo news portal, this primarily affects the Internet search engine, the Group’s advertising platform, and the tech magazines Engadget and TechCrunch, which belong to Yahoo.

Difficult environment there

All Internet service providers operating in China must operate an office in the country at the request of the Chinese government. The government also requires that all local user data be stored locally – and that the authorities be granted access to the data storage facilities. This means that foreign companies must also share information upon request and are generally required to comply with Internet access restrictions and implement censorship regulations.