After Nothing Phone Transparent Smartwatch Is In Plans

Created by the former co-founder of Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, the new smartphone brand Nothing is apparently working on a smartwatch. There are currently growing indications that Carl Pei and his new team will soon want to get involved in this area.

Nothing is currently preparing the imminent introduction of its second smartphone, which will be called Nothing Phone 2 and will be a kind of premium model, in which, among other things, a high-end SoC from Qualcomm will do its job. Furthermore, wireless headphones have been available for several years. The manufacturer’s product portfolio could soon grow to include a smartwatch.

A few months ago, hints surfaced that Nothing plans to introduce another new product, which has been included in the trademark registers of some countries under the name “CMF by Nothing”. So far, however, it was unclear what kind of product it would be.

New evidence discovered

Twitter user Mukul Sharma has now apparently discovered evidence that “CMF by Nothing” could be a smartwatch. In the database of the Indian authorities for the market approval of electronic devices, such a device has recently also been listed that is expressly classified in the smartwatch category.

The entry at the Indian BIS does not yet reveal more, so it is unclear whether it is actually a smartwatch or just a similar device. It would also be conceivable, for example, that Nothing is planning a kind of fitness tracker that can only be generally categorized as a smartwatch. There is also no information yet on the design of the new device. Presumably, however, Nothing would continue its concept of relying on the most transparent housing possible, which could also be quite attractive for a smartwatch.

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