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AI chatbot of Microsoft’s Bing runs on the GPT-4 platform

Microsoft introduced the Bing AI chatbot couple of weeks ago. Users eagerly tested and tried the new feature. Initially, Bing was provided with GPT-3 integration. Now we have come across that OpenAI has introduced a new iteration of ChatGPT i.e., GPT-4. Reportedly, a representative from Microsoft informed the general public that Bing has the support for the latest iteration of the ChatGPT.

This announcement marks a new era for the browsing experience on the Bing search engine. The GPT-4 platform also powers ChatGPT, bringing the latest AI language features. Microsoft Bing also benefits from this new language model for both AI and search capabilities.

In a recent blog post, the head of Microsoft’s consumer marketing, Yusuf Mehdi, stated that the company has introduced some improvements to the platform. The improvements have been introduced upon request by the consumers. However, the new iteration of ChatGPT comes with a range of new features in contrast to the previous model.

Reportedly, the new GPT-4 AI language model will modify user interaction. It can now provide users with accurate responses. Notably, GPT-4 is a multi-modal AI platform. It can generate responses more than text. Since users can perform searches based on images besides text.

Despite the advancements and improvements, the platform is still on the verge of making up facts. As the CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman mentioned that the AI model is not perfect. If you wish to enjoy the latest iteration of ChatGPT, join the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot waitlist, in case you have not already joined.

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