All you need to know about WiFi 6


The next generation of WiFi, WiFi 6 has officially launched. In this article, we will tell our readers all they need to know about WiFi 6.

The organization that supervises the implementation of WiFi standards, WiFi Alliance has begun its WiFi 6 certification program. Thus, the manufacturers and OEMs will certify products to carry WiFi branding.

WiFi 6 offers improved connectivity. It allows users to connect with many devices without any delays or issues. WiFi 6’s maximum theoretical speed is 9.6Gbps.

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WiFi 6 supports WPA3 encryption and authentication protocol, which in comparison to WPA2 encryption provides better security.

Basically the launch of WiFi 6 is mainly a formality. For months now, companies have been launching fully functional WiFi 6 devices. Phones like Apple’s iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have WiFi 6 support.

Similarly, 10th generation Intel CPUs laptops also have WiFi 6 support.

It is pertinent to mention here that with Wi-Fi 6 users can enjoy 8K movies, download and upload large files, and responsive smart home devices, all without buffering. WiFi offers better speed, more efficiency and reduces congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios.

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