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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person leaving Gates behind

Jeffery Preston Bezos also known as Jeff Bezos of Amazon becomes the world’s richest person leaving Bill Gates of Microsoft behind, the success of Amazon has made it possible for the 54-year old founder to get this title. Amazon’s shares were up by 60 percent during the last year, the personal wealth of Jeff Bezos has also doubled as a result crossing $110 billion.

According to the annual Forbes magazine list of billionaires, Bezos surpassed Bill Gates this week, the Microsoft co-founder stepped down to second place with a net worth of $90 billion. Bezos vision for success includes taking bold steps, riding change and regaining from setbacks.

In an interview published in Vanity Fair last year, Bezos said, “You need to be robust and nimble, you should be able to take a punch and you need to be quick and innovative to do the things that are new at higher speed, which is the best defense against the future.” He also said, “You must always learn into the future, if you learn away from the future, it will win every time.”

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Bezos had a strong interest in computer science and studied engineering at Princeton University, after graduating he started working on Wall Street, he climbed up the positions to become a senior vice president at investment firm D.E. Shaw.

Then he took a bold bet by leaving a high-paid job and starting his own dream by opening an online bookseller “Amazon.com”, the project was also started in a garage. And then the rest is the history, Amazon started to grow; soon it became the popular e-commerce platform. Now the company has become a tech giant with worth about $750 billion.

Bezos is also said to be shaking business in the sector he enters, he has been dubbed “disruptor-in-chief”. Now the person is the richest man on earth.

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