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PlayStation Now game streaming is available on PC

PlayStation Now game streaming

Sony has been surprising the audience with new innovations this year. The company has already announced the launch of a PS4 slim and has cut down merchandise production of PS4 original. A week ago the developers of PlayStation decided to let subscribers of PlayStation Now stream games to Windows PC and PlayStation 4. This will allow PlayStation Now game streaming to PC and PS4, providing subscribers the option of hundreds of game.

If users have a single subscription to PlayStation Now, they will be able to stream and enjoy more than 400 PS3 games which include the exclusives launched by PS, the overall hits and masterpieces that had many gamers hooked onto the PS gaming family.

PlayStation Now game streaming on PC at $19.99 a month

The subscription price of PS Now is not only cheap but affordable just like television show broadcasting channels on the internet, for example Netflix and Hulu. By signing a $19.99 monthly fee, users are able to stream some of their favorite memorable games of PS3 to their PC. If this was not enough, Sony has an awesome promotional deal going on for PS Now. If customers signup right now, then Sony will offer each individual a limited yearly subscription which will get them 12 months of access to PS Now for $99.99. To know more about the deal visit, PSNow.com.

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The verge reports that, the service has already gotten its hand on plenty of audience favorite big games under the bag. Tomb Raider launched in 2013 is also a part of the service.

Ni No Kuni, the game developed by Studio Ghibli’s and the shooting hybrid RPG Borderlands are also a part of the service.

Users can stream these on their PC or PS4 right now, by getting the subscription of PS Now for $99.99 on a yearly basis.

PS Now will start streaming Harmony of Despair on the service in the next month.


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