Amazon Finalizes Agreement with Apple for Selling iPhones, iPads


The 2 biggest technology competitors have placed their differences aside for boosting sales in the upcoming holiday shopping season. Amazon has said that it would be carrying more of Apple products throughout the world.

In the weeks to come, Amazon—the retailer giant of the world would be selling the recent most editions of iPhones, iPads and other gadgets across the United States, India, Japan and Europe.

Previously Amazon was selling some limited stock of Apple which included the Mac computers and Beat headphones.

The agreement indicates that how the top-level brands like Nike and Apple, which have long shown hesitation is selling their products through Amazon, is at an increasing pace turning towards the e-commerce website as it has got an extensive user base.

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From the 4th of January Amazon would be getting rid of third-party merchants of Apple products not legalized by a California based tech company—Cupertino. Shoppers would be able to seek and find for the non-branded accessories that are compatible with the Apple devices.

Third party merchants of Apple products would not be permitted to sell their products as they have been doing so throughout the holiday season, instead, Amazon would be adding Apple products to its Amazon page of official Apple.

Apple in one of its statement said that they are working with Amazon for improving the experience for the Apple customers on their website and that they look forward to those users having some other great way of purchasing the Apple products.

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