Amazon hardware employees lack enthusiasm about upcoming devices

According to some recent pieces of information, the hardware staff at Amazon is not enthusiastic about the company’s forthcoming devices. Lab126 is the company’s hardware division. It is responsible for designing and creating products like Fire Tablets, Fire TVs, Echo smart speakers, and other such products.

When it comes to Amazon’s products, not all of them were successful, like the Fire Phone, which was a big failure. On the other hand, several products were quite famous. However, a new report from Reuters indicates that the company’s future products might not be able to gain user’s interest.

Reuters interviewed more than 15 employees regarding the company’s future hardware products. According to the report, the employees lack enthusiasm since the products lack the innovative factor. Many of the next gadgets are designed with Alexa users in mind. Some staff members called the upcoming devices a “hodgepodge” of different items.

Perhaps it could be due to layoffs

Reportedly, the company’s division has undergone major layoffs that might have sparked low morale among users. In July, the company closed the Halo tracker division and laid off employees. Later on, the company ended the support for the device by the end of July.

Last year in November, the company laid off employees from both the Luna and Alexa division. Recently, it was reported that Dave Limp, the head of Amazon’s hardware division, will be replaced by Panos Panay, a former Microsoft executive who oversaw Windows and Surface.

Amazon is working on several new devices

We do not have many details of the company’s upcoming devices. Reportedly, the company might be working on a new home projector. Notably, this projector can turn any surface into a screen. Furthermore, the company is working on a digital measuring device, a carbon monoxide detector, a home energy consumption monitor, and a device to test for viruses. All these devices will be powered by Alexa. The company will conduct a hardware event on September 20. There is no information on which devices will be made public.

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