AT&T successfully made a 5G call via a satellite

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Although AI has been the center of attention for the past few months, there are some other technologies that are equally attention-grabbing. One such feature is the satellite calling feature. Several companies are trying hard to crack it. According to the information shared by Cord Cutters, a user has successfully made a call via satellite using the AT&T 5G network.

There are many companies that are trying hard to introduce the satellite call feature. iPhones enable their users to make SOS satellite calls. Some other companies, like Huawei and Samsung, are also working on it. People who live far from signal towers will continue to receive a signal thanks to this technology. This might be useful if you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Through a satellite, an AT&T 5G call was placed

Well, this one was a big success. An AST SpaceMobile engineer successfully conducted a call from Maui, Hawaii, to Madrid, Spain, on September 8. The call was conducted via the 5G network of AT&T. It was made through BlueWalker3, the company’s own low-Earth orbit satellite.

There are two notable aspects to this call. First and foremost, it is a major leap since the two devices were routed via satellite. Comparatively, Apple uses this technology for emergency situations; however, it limits its usage. On the other hand, AT&T conducted a regular call. The second major aspect of this call is that the area in Maui where the call was made was far away from any cell tower. So, such a technology renders zero claims to dead zones.

Over the past few months, AST SpaceMobile has successfully completed some milestones. In April 2023, the first direct-to-device voice call between Texas and Japan was made by the company. In June, the first file was downloaded in Maui using BlueWalker with a download speed of 10Mbps in Maui’s dead zone. Later, the team successfully made the first video call on 4G based on satellite technology.

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