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Amazon will shut down its Halo division in July


Halo is known as the health and wellness division of Amazon. It is famous for its several health monitoring devices and services. some recent pieces of information suggest that the company will shut down its Halo division by July 2023. All purchases made by customers within the last 12 months will be refunded by the company.

Back in August 2002, Amazon launched its Halo division. It was the time of peak COVID pandemic. The company introduced the first-gen Halo Band. It was a fitness band. It was introduced with a subscription service for expert health monitoring. In 2021, the company introduced a succeeding model Halo View. This time the company introduced the band with a screen.  Just recently, the company has unveiled a sleep tracker and a smart alarm clock. The company debuted both devices back in September 2022.

The latest decision by the company was publicized on Wednesday. The company has notified its users about the decision via email. The company states that all Halo devices and the Halo app won’t be functional from August 1st. The company has inhibited the renewal process of monthly subscriptions. The company states that the remaining balance will be paid back to users who sought a prepaid subscription. Additionally, the company will reimburse customers for recent device purchases. Customers are not required to take any further actions.

You still have until July 31 if you want to download or remove your Halo health data, though. In order to Download your data, including your scan images, go to the Settings page in the Halo app. All data will then be automatically deleted after that. Through its recycling program, Amazon encourages customers to recycle Halo equipment and accessories. The price of shipping and recycling will be covered by the company.

Some Halo employees will lose their jobs at Amazon

Amazon will also let some staff go as part of the Halo closure. The number of employees that will be let go has not been disclosed. However, the Halo division may lose a large portion of its workforce. The e-commerce giant just revealed a second round of huge layoffs affecting 9,000 employees. In January 2023, it eliminated more than 18,000 positions from a variety of business groups. The company mentioned in a press release that the affected employees will be provided with packages that include a separation payment, transitional health insurance benefits, and external job placement support.

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